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Contributions and Donations

Below are the funds that Iowa Questers chapters and personal donations/gifts may be given to. All contributions for these funds should be in the form of a check made out to Questers of Iowa and clearly marked with a notation for the fund. Iowa Questers is a 501c3 organization and tax deductions are allowed to the limit specified by the tax code. Click here for more information on these projects. Please contact us for more information.

Preservation and Restoration Grants

Contributions are for the Grants given to Iowa chapters at State Day. Many Questers chapters have funded local preservation or restoration project of important historical buildings and sites because of this fund. Applications must be made to receive a grant from this fund. Application forms are found in the President's Packet or in the member's section of this web site.

President's Project

Iowa State Questers President's select a project and encourage contributions to that project during his/her term of office. President's announce the project for the next two years during installation at State Day.

Iowa Quester's Glass Collection

The Iowa Quester's Glass Collection is an ongoing project. Early American Pressed Glass is currently being promoted and archived at Brunnier Gallery at Iowa State University Museums. You may designate monetary donations for Acquisitions, Education or Undesignated (to be used where most needed) for this fund. Contributions received from individuals and/or chapters for the purpose of a memorial will be handled on an individual basis.

Terrace Hill Account

You may designate your chapter's contribution to the Questers General Restoration Fund or the Ornament Fund (for a pre-1900 ornament for the Terrace Hill Christmas Tree). Please note general or ornament in the memo line of the check.

International Donations

International Contributions for The Questers Scholarship, Winterthur Fellowship or Intl. Preservation and Restoration Grants Fund, Education Fund, and Headquarters Fund should be sent directly to:

The Questers
210 South Quince Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107